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OSIRIS Pyramide

The student information system where students are the priority!

OSIRIS is the leading Student Information System (SIS) for Higher Education. OSIRIS was launched on to the market as a standard package in 2001, and is now used on a daily basis by 49 HE institutions and over 435,000 students. Students are always the focal point when OSIRIS is developed: what information do students need and how can we help them to be successful in their studies? CACI consults intensively with its users about these developments.

OSIRIS SaaS - Software as a Service

More and more (educational) institutions are outsourcing ICT services to specialised ICT companies. They want ‘peace of mind’ and want to focus on their core tasks, namely ‘education and research’. They are not buying software products, but are actually subscribing to a particular service. No more e-mail servers, but e-mail acquired as a service from Microsoft or Google. OSIRIS also followed this development. All new customers opt for OSIRIS SaaS, no exception. CACI then makes sure service and functionality are always available. Existing customers are also switching from OSIRIS ‘on premise’ to OSIRIS SaaS. OSIRIS Link allows CACI to go a step further in offering peace of mind. OSIRIS Link allows OSIRIS to be integrated into your application landscape and your mobile applications.

Analytics for everyone

Every education institution needs management information to operate effectively. It must use flexible reports and statistics (KPI’s) to perform analyses. For example, when it comes to registrations, progress and the inflow, development and outflow of students. What are problematic subjects? How have they developed over the years? The OSIRIS database is an important source when generating such management information. OSIRIS Analytics allows you to focus on analysing and managing education. We take care of the rest.

Professional Services

The road to success

CACI's Professional Services offer support so you can make the most of OSIRIS and implement all necessary changes. For instance, when implementing modified or new educational processes, possibly in combination with a new OSIRIS module. By calling on a CACI consultant, you can fully exploit the knowledge and experience of the makers of OSIRIS. There is no need for you to devise new solutions every time because we will gladly use "Best practices" to implement the required changes.


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